Core Team

Kate Bowen

Lead Organizer

Alden Nowell Burke_Headshot.jpg
Alden Nowell Burke

Lead Organizer

Stephanie Koch-Headshot-Small File..jpg
Stephanie Koch

Lead Organizer

Adia Sykes-Headshot.jpg
Adia Sykes

Lead Organizer

Tiffany Johnson_Headshot#2.jpg
Tiffany Johnson

Programs Manager

CHANGe TO B_W_Gabriela Rivero- Headshot.jpg
Gabriela Rivero

Spanish Translator

Design and Web Development

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KT Duffy and J Sangster Big Mx. Studio

About the Committees

The Chicago Art Census is intentionally co-authored in community with art workers. As part of this initiative, the Census is made through the participation of several Census Committees made up of art workers who represent a breadth of communities, disciplines, organizational affiliations, and zip codes who are integral to the creation, dissemination, and evaluation of the Census. The Census Committees are our locus point, the space in which data, information, knowledge, and wisdom collide. It is where the lived experiences of art workers from all different sectors, zip codes, and backgrounds can give life and shape to a tool that hopes to serve their larger communities.

There are five Census Committees: Steering Committee, Research and Development, Community Outreach, Community Liaisons, and the Census Peer Review

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides strategic oversight and guidance to the project. The individuals of this group are the main advocates for the project's endeavours and help establish and uphold the values and mission of the project.

Alice Berry.jpg
Alice Berry

Independent Artist, Art Therapist, and Fashion Designer

Claire Rice.jpg
Claire Rice

Arts Alliance Illinois

Esther Grimm.jpg
Esther Grimm


Kate Dumbleton.jpg
Kate Dumbleton

Hyde Park Jazz Festival

Kelly Lloyd.jpg
Kelly Lloyd

HAIR CLUB, 12ø Collective, Arts Workers, Living Within the Play, and Ruskin School of Art

La Keisha Leek.jpg
La Keisha Leek

Independent Curator, L'Louise Arts, Candor Arts, MacArthur Foundation, and Bridge

Meida Teresa McNeal.jpg
Meida McNeal

Honey Pot Performance and Chicago Park District

Quenna Barrett.jpg
Quenna Barrett

Goodman Theatre, For Youth Inquiry at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, and Free Street Theatre

Sandra Aponte.jpg
Sandra Aponte

The Chicago Community Trust and National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures

Tempestt Hazel.jpg
Tempestt Hazel

Sixty Inches From Center & Field Foundation

Research and Development Committee

The Census will survey and engage across the visual, performing, musical and literary arts throughout Chicago. The Research and Development Committee consists of members who represent these different art sectors across Chicago, bringing the unique needs and desires of their audiences into the build-out of the Census. This committee is actively involved with the building of the Census and is crucial to the by-and-for approach of the Census. This committee uses community-centered design practices as a way to co-create the Census together.

Devin Shaffer.jpg
Devin Shaffer

Union of Musicians and Allied Workers, Experimental Sound Studio, and American Dreams Records

Elsa Hiltner.jpg
Elsa Hiltner

Collaboraction and On Our Team

Gloria _Gloe_ Talamantes.jpg
Gloria Talamantes

Brown Wall Project

Joseph Mora.jpg
Joseph Mora

Yollocalli Arts Reach, SAIC SITE Galleries, and SAIC Galleries

Tara Betts.jpg
Tara Betts

Chicago Humanities Festival, Whirlwind Learning Center, and Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project

Tyler Thompson.jpg
Tyler Thompson

773 Dance Project

Community Outreach Outreach and Community Liaisons

The Community Outreach Committee ensures the widespread and accessible dissemination of the Census and works to digitally and physically distribute the Census across all 77 neighborhoods in Chicago. Community Liaisons focus on coalition building throughout the Chicago arts community. This group helps identify and cultivate relationships with arts community partners and maintain enthusiasm for the project amongst partners. They also advise on educational programming and public events. The Census team is currently working to build these teams.

Peer Reviewers

Representing Chicago’s 77 community areas, Peer Reviewers take and review the Census before its release to the wider public. There are three phases of peer review—two initial drafts and one final draft—with each phase tested and evaluated by 25 to 26 reviewers. Peer Review is a formal community assessment offering the opportunity to institute change at each stage of development.

The Census team is currently looking to work with Chicago-based art workers across visual, performing, musical, and literary arts. If you identify as such and want to participate, sign-up to be a peer reviewer by filling out this form.