What You Need to Know

Your information is confidential. We’ve worked closely with DataMade to ensure your information remains confidential and undisclosed. At the end of the survey, you will be invited to share your stories. You are not required to share your stories. If you choose to share stories, we will do our best to anonymize personally-identifying information. If you opt-in to be quoted, we may use only part of your response to help protect your confidentiality.

The Census takes forty-five minutes. Peer reviewers took an average of forty-five minutes to complete the survey. Your time is precious, and we appreciate that you are spending it with this survey.

The Census asks questions about the last three years. Quantitative questions span the time between 2019-2021, including the past week. Additional qualitative questions ask for reflection. Qualitative questions provide an opportunity to expand on the time before the survey period and offer space to envision the future.

You can only take this survey once. We recommend that you complete the survey in one session. You can save your place and return to the survey at a later time if needed. A “FinishLater?” button at the top of the survey will allow you to pause and save all existing answers. After clicking the “Finish Later?” button, you will receive a unique “Resume Link”. The “Resume Link”  can be used on any platform to finish the survey until it closes in March of 2022.

If you have any questions about the survey, please email us at